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​The MLB Draft is an important event in setting up a client’s future as a professional athlete. NWSMG has the contacts, resources, and experience to assist and advise clients in draft preparation and networking to maximize their draft standing and value. NWSMG can also assist in physical and mental development through providing training facilities, programs, instructors, nutritional supplements, and professional consultations.


​Sound legal advice and contract negotiation services are essential to successfully advocating on behalf of our clients. NWSMG has an in-house licensed attorney with negotiation, mediation, contractual and litigation experience, as well as a former professional baseball player with extensive experience in signing bonus, free agency, and other related contractual negotiations. This combination covers all facets of a player’s representation and is valuable in helping to achieve their goals.



​NWSMG actively seeks out, advises, and negotiates new and unique marketing and endorsement opportunities on behalf of our clients. Whether on a local or national level, these opportunities include sports equipment and accessories, apparel, trading cards, personal appearances, autograph signings, web presence, and charitable activities. NWSMG is also committed to pursuing post-career opportunities that consider each client’s long-term goals.

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​Currently, the NCAA prohibits high school and collegiate athletes from hiring an agent without forfeiting their remaining college eligibility. However, the NCAA does allow athletes and their families to utilize an “advisor” to help guide them through the important events leading up to the MLB Draft or in selecting a college. NWSMG works with amateur athletes and their families to help evaluate the player’s best interest by providing continual guidance, analysis, consultation, and advice. By actively evaluating the player and providing them advice on how to expose themselves to prospective team personnel, we help the client leverage and maximize their standing, potential draft status, contract offers, and school choices, which ultimately puts them in the best position moving forward. With so much at stake during this exciting time, it is important to have an experienced consultant you can trust to help guide you through this process. For additional questions regarding the advising of amateur athletes, please contact us.


​NWSMG has established relationships with some of the best financial experts available who are familiar with the unique needs and issues faced by today’s professional athlete. These experts benefit clients, depending on need and desire, by helping to set goals, providing education and advice, and comprising financial plans that range from daily budgets to long-term retirement plans. Whether it involves financial planning and administration, certified tax advice, business opportunity advising, investment management, property and disability insurance, bill payment, or estate planning, our client’s financial independence and future will be secure and well managed with our team of experienced specialists.

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